Tesla On Autopilot, She Gave Birth In Front Seat Of Car: Report

Maeve became a hit with the nurses, who kept referring to her as the ‘Tesla baby’

New Delhi:

A woman in the US gave birth to a child in the front seat of a Tesla electric vehicle while it was driving on autopilot. The baby, born in Philadelphia on September 9, is being regarded as the World’s first Tesla baby.

Yiran Sherry, 33, and her husband Keating Sherry, 34, were taking their three-year-old son to pre-school when the incident occurred, reports the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Ms Sherry’s water broke when the car was stuck in traffic. The couple realised that they may not be able to make it to the hospital in time as Yiran Sherry’s contractions were increasing rapidly and the traffic was not moving.

Keating Sherry switched on the autopilot mode, setting the hospital as the destination on the navigation system.

He then began attending to his wife.

“She was squeezing my hand to the point where I thought she was going to shatter it. I was [saying] ‘Yiran, OK, focus on your breathing.’ That was advice to myself, as well. My adrenaline was pumping,” Keating Sherry told the Inquirer.

Ms Sherry said that the 20 minute drive to the hospital was agonising and that she kept glancing at the GPS to check the estimated arrival time.

The baby, Maeve, was born just as the car arrived at the hospital. The nurses cut the umbilical cord at the front seat of the car.

Maeve became a hit with the nurses, who kept referring to her as the ‘Tesla baby’, according to the People magazine. At one point, the couple even considered naming the baby Tess.

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