telegram: Here's how Telegram may soon give you movie spoiler alert

Messaging app Telegram could soon come to your aid by preventing a possible movie spoiler to be seen in a chat by hiding it, as per a report by Android Police. The report is based on a post in the Telegram subreddit (via Dylan Roussel) which says that the messenger could soon get a feature to hide “sensitive or movie-spoiling text”.
As per the report, whenever a user tries to text some spoiler in a chat, the sent message will be garbled in a way that it would be impossible to make sense of what the message conveyed. The sent message will be reportedly in the form of a “fuzzy pixelated placeholder” instead of words and sentences. But you can tap on it to reveal it which you should do at your own risk.
“There isn’t any note that the content hidden in the chat is supposed to be a spoiler other than a small eye icon, so you and your friends might need to get used to the new format first.”, added the report.
While the report is about the text, it would be better if the spoiler detecting feature could screen the media shared as well, like photos and video clips, for a much more efficient experience for users. Also, if the developers could add a more prominent icon on the suspected message that screams a warning for users, it would give more chances for the feature to achieve the goal for which it was built.

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