photography: Museo Camera, Apple help students learn the skills of mobile photography

Smartphones have changed the way people do photography and age is certainly not a bar anymore. To encourage mobile photography, Museo Camera, a Gurgaon-based museum dedicated to cameras, held a workshop with underprivileged school children. The students — aged between 9-15 years — were all give iPhone 12 to go around neighbouring villages in Gurugram.
The workshop — titled The Art of Storytelling — involved children from underprivileged backgrounds from neighbouring villages of Gurugram, Chakkarpur, Jharsa, Wazirabad, Nathupur and a Rajasthani Village in Mandwa.
The children were given a mix of theory and practical lessons on mobile photography and encouraged to develop their own unique photographic styles. Children were encouraged not just to take images but think of using the mobile camera to tell a story. A lot of children were a bit hesitant in engaging with their subjects or convincing them to get photographed. However, during the workshop the students were encouraged to engage with their subjects, to explore and create a dialogue with them and to articulate their experiences through images.
The images clicked by the children — now being exhibited at Museo Camera — capture the mundane and everyday life. Portrait photography was encouraged using the iPhone 12’s portrait mode.
Pream Ahirwar, from Wazirabad’s Saksham Pal Vikas Sanstha, said that he enjoyed the workshop and learnt a lot. Himani Narang, from Gurugram, said that before the workshop, she didn’t know what exposure was or how to control it. But post the workshop, she learnt some of the finer points of mobile photography.
Museo Camera was founded by Aditya Arya a couple of years ago. Spread over 18000 sq.ft of space dedicated to the art and history of Photography, it displays a collection of over 2,500+ cameras and other photographic equipment dating back to 1850s.

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