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Kareena KapoorSaif Ali Khan’s son Taimur continues to be social media’s favourite star-kid. If his parents are to be believed, he can beat them and even some of their celeb friends in popularity stakes. In fact his grandmother, actor Sharmila Tagore, had once said at an event that ” Taimur is more famous than I am.”

On Taimur’s birthday, his ‘bua’ Saba Ali Khan shared an adorable wish on social media. Posting a photo in which she is posing with the child, she wrote, “To my darling Tim, wishing you the world! Stay happy n always filled with mischief and fun! Love u lots! Bua Jaan.”

As the star kid turns 5 today, here’s what his star parents — Kareena and Saif — said about their parenting styles and bringing him up in the era of paparazzi.

“The culture today has changed, anywhere you go you’re getting photographed. Taimur is as normal as anybody else, so why should he be treated otherwise? It’s absolutely okay, it’s his journey, his life. And apart from that, I think he is probably the most amazing and cutest child,” Kareena had said when her son was still a baby.

Over the years, Kareena and Saif have shared details about their son. In an interview, Kareena once shared how her elder son ‘doesn’t sit for a minute’ and is constantly running around.

“Taimur just doesn’t sit down. He starts from the minute he wakes up to the minute he is in bed,” shared Kareena while speaking to Tweak India.

Kareena had also shared that when the little one visits the Pataudi palace ‘from climbing trees to running around, he doesn’t sit for a minute’.

“It’s really tiring. I keep telling him, ‘Why don’t you chill out? Sometimes you have to chill also.’ He has fired me back and said, ‘I am on holiday, I am not here to chill.’ So, according to him, a holiday is being active. In his mind, I mean he is four-and-a-half years old, he just has to be active. Bam-bam, that’s it!,” added Kareena.


Saif, in an afterword for Kareena’s book Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Pregnancy Bible, wrote that surprisingly he and Kareena both found that becoming parents changed them as people and also their relationship with each other.

“When she got pregnant, we told ourselves we would live the same life; we’d continue to travel as we always had, to Paris, London, Gstaad. We’d take our baby and maybe a nanny to help us,” wrote Said.

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He added, “But life changed when Taimur was born! I know I lost interest in superficial socialising. We stayed in a lot. It brought us even closer. For us, there is nothing like getting together with our family and closest friends, having a drink with the little one running around and playing.”

Kareena Kapoor spoke about the importance of both her sons knowing that their parents are in a relationship of equals. “Well in the case of Tim and Jeh, I think the idea is that they see me go to work even now. Like when, every time I put on my shoes, Taimur asks ‘where are you going?’ My answer is ‘I’m going to work or I’m going to shoot or I’m going for an event or I’m going for a meeting because amma has to work’. So, abba works and so does amma. I think growing up looking at the fact that in this house, it’s not just the man who does things, we both do things equally, ” shared Kareena in her interview with Film Companion.

She added, “We’re both bringing food to the table, we’re both very clear on the fact that we’re both working as a couple. We’re dependent on each other emotionally, and financially we share. And if my boys grow up knowing that their mother has the capability and demands that kind of respect in her home and gets it. Goes out to work, works hard, comes home so that they can have a good life. I think that’s half the battle won. It’s important for the boys to know that women are equal to men. A mother is their father’s equal.”

We wish a very happy birthday to the little internet sensation Taimur.

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