control panel: Microsoft takes more settings away from Control Panel in the latest update of Windows 11

Microsoft has been trying to eliminate the traditional Control Panel by slowly moving options to the new Settings app, since the launch of Windows 8. The company has moved several settings since then and now with the latest build of Windows 11, Microsoft has moved a couple of more options from the Control Panel to the Settings app.
The company has revealed the changes with the release notes of Windows 11 build 22509. As a part of the new so-called eliminate Control Panel, the company has now moved the advanced sharing settings options to the Settings app.
The move includes options like Network Discovery, File and printer sharing, public folder sharing and more. These options can be found in the Settings app under Advanced Network Settings.
The company has also specified that the options for network and devices settings in the Control Panel will now redirect users to the new related Settings page automatically.
The Control Panel has been an integral part of the Windows ecosystem for a long time. The Legacy option hasn’t changed for a long time and has been the most commonplace for users to find necessary settings and other options.
While the development in the Settings app has been slow, it is good to see that Microsoft is finally putting efforts to streamline the app with all the important features and options.
For those unaware, Windows 11 brings an updated Settings page with more streamlined and well laid out menu options.

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