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Atrangi Re’s latest song titled “Little Little” is out, and it has a “Why This Kolaveri Di” vibe to it. That’s not just because it has Dhanush’s Vishu letting himself loose while confessing his love to Sara Ali Khan’s Rinku, its recurring lyrics give us a sense of deja vu. But yet, the song has an original tune.

“Little Little” hints that the song comes at a point in the movie where Vishu has started falling in love with Rinku despite knowing her real desires. In the video, he is trying to convince Rinku to pay some heed to his affection too, which gets divided when Akshay Kumar’s Sajjad also makes an appearance. Whether Rinku or Vishu is imagining Sajjad is not known, but Akshay and Dhanush’s dance performance is the high point, apart from the dhol beats which give it a very desi feel.

Composed by A R Rahman, “Little Little” is crooned by Dhanush and Hiral Viradia.

The official synopsis of the film reads, “A Tamil boy meets a girl from Bihar. What follows is a love story for the ages. A non-linear narrative of two romances running in parallel from different timelines.”

Atrangi Re brings Dhanush, Sara Ali Khan and Akshay Kumar together onscreen for the first time. The film will premiere on Disney Plus Hotstar on December 24.

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