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Hindi film superstar Shah Rukh Khan, the
King Khan to be precise, celebrates his 56th birthday today and the entire digital space is swamped with wishes from all corners. Born and raised in Delhi, Shah Rukh Khan began his acting career famously on television before striving hard for ultimate glory as a film actor in Mumbai. However, many would also be aware of his Bengaluru connection which the actor holds quite close to his heart.

On multiple occasions in the past, Shah Rukh Khan has spoken of the days spent in the garden city as a toddler and how the “traffic-less” Bengaluru has remained etched in his mind forever. His maternal grandfather, Mr. Iftikhar Ahmed, was a chief engineer in the city and the entire family, including SRK’s mother, even spoke Kannada while residing in the city. Reminiscing about the city and the time spent here, Shah Rukh Khan once revealed that the first-ever photograph he took, which was later sent to Mumbai for a film audition, was in fact clicked in Bengaluru. “I still have the picture with me,” stated the star.

No.18 house on Nandidurga Road which once belonged to Shah Rukh Khan's grandfather

Also, Shah Rukh Khan has often spoken of his grandparents’ home on Nandidurga Road in Bengaluru where he spent the first 5-6 years of his life. His grandparents had adopted him, so to speak, when his parents back home worked hard to make their ends meet and the #18 building on Nandidurga Road still has a special place in the life of the Bollywood Badshah. “I would love to rebuild the house on Nandidurga Road so that I can come and stay there every now and then,” stated Shah Rukh Khan back in 2015 during an interaction.

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