WhatsApp Meta: WhatsApp beta update reflects Facebook’s rebranding

Last week, Facebook’s parent company changed its name to Meta and now the company is changing the footer on its app such as WhatsApp, Instagram and others. As of now when you open any of these apps, you can see ‘from Facebook’ written on at the bottom of the page. But as per a report by WABetaInfo, the version of WhatsApp beta now reflects ‘WhatsApp from Meta’ footer text. The new logo of Meta is also visible in the footer section.
The company added the footer ‘from Facebook’ to its apps last year. The new footer text reflects its goals to be a metaverse company. The report further reveals that the company has removed the ‘WhatsApp from Facebook’ footer text from the settings of the beta version as well. It is expected that the company will soon replace the footer text in its other apps too.
The WhatsApp beta update also brings in a new feature that allows users to rate messages received from business accounts. The company is constantly working to improvise the ecommerce experience on the platform. Recently, it started to roll out a new feature called ‘Collections’. The feature allows you to shop items from the messaging platform using categories. In simple words, the feature allows business account holders to organise products in their catalogs according to the category so users can easily find the desired item without scrolling through the long list of items.

If you have a WhatsApp business account, you can create a collection by following these steps. Tap on the three dots at the top right corner of the app > tap on Business Tools > select Catalog > tap on Add New Collection. Apart from this, the company released ‘Carts’ feature that makes it easier for customers to buy multiple items.

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