What are electronic firecrackers and how do they work?

Although firecrackers have been banned in many cities across the country for the past few years, they are still the first thing that comes to mind of many when you talk about Diwali. While the courts, governments and climate activists keep advocating the downside of firecrackers claiming they cause pollution, Diwali lovers continue to seek an alternative to that quick light and sound show. To cater that market, some manufacturers came up with electronic firecrackers. These devices produce light and sound mimicking a real firework. These smart devices can be controlled via remote as well to replicate the sound of different kinds of firecrackers. Electronic firecrackers are safe, easy to use and cause negligible pollution. Another upside of these devices is that they are quite affordable and can also be used for a couple of years.
How do electronic firecrackers work?
The working of electronic firecrackers is quite simple. These devices consist of small pods connected to each other through wires. LED lights are attached to these pods. When you plug in an electric firecracker, the high-voltage generator inside the pod sparks at random intervals. These sparks create a crackling sound similar to firecrackers. The sound along with the light provides an experience similar to an original firecracker. When you change the setting on the remote, the interval at which the generator sparks changes accordingly. Although these devices are not as loud as the firecrackers, they can provide some Diwali feel.
Where can you buy electronic firecrackers?
Electronic firecrackers are available at almost every major market across the country during the festive season. You can also buy these devices from various e-commerce websites. The price of these devices varies based on the size and options it offers. An average electronic firecracker is available for purchase at around Rs 2500.

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