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A new study has revealed the medicinal value of Himalayan fig, also known as Bedu in the Uttarakhand’s Kumaon region, and stated how it could be a ‘safer alternative’ to synthetic pain relievers like Aspirin and Diclofenac.

According to the study led by a team of researchers at Punjab’s Lovely Professional University (LPU) who studied the analgesic effects of extracts from the wild Himalayan fig over a period of three years, the fruit can also be used for wound infections and curing skin diseases.

Published in the journal Plants, it also noted how the wild fruit has potential analgesic effects at different doses in general and at a 400 milligrammes per kilogram (mg/kg) dose in particular due to its two major components Psoralen and Rutin.

How does Himalayan fig help?

As per fitness influencer Juhi Kapoor, figs are a good source of both calcium and potassium. “These minerals can work together to improve bone density, which can, in turn, prevent conditions like osteoporosis. Studies suggest that a potassium-rich diet, in particular, can improve bone health. It is also loaded with fibre, that helps boost your digestive system. It is also rich in antioxidants which makes your skin fresh and flawless,” mentioned Kapoor in an Instagram post.

Figs are characterised by a high potassium and sodium content that help to regulate blood pressure levels in humans.

“Additionally, the potassium, along with the ample fibre present in figs, works to keep the sodium levels of the body in check as well. The potassium combined with calcium, that is also present in this fruit, helps strengthen the bone density and prevents any diseases of the bones,” said Ayush Aggarwal, founder and director – Rasayanam.

As per Aggarwal, Himalayan fig is also found as ingredient in Chawanprash, a well-known health paste whose consumption is common in Indian households.

The West too is finding itself attracted to the many benefits of figs in recent times, thereby increasing the scope of the fruit’s further development, mentioned Aggarwal.

“The fruit is expected to be a potential alternative to pain killers and relievers in the upcoming times. Rampant research and development are required in the field to analyse the scope of this speculation as of now,” he opined.

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