‘Be stupid, just once, really often’: Vir Das

Speaking at Knox College, comedian Vir Das asked student to “be stupid”. “Be stupid, just once, really often. Because when you embrace the stupidity in your life, you really live. The dictionary defines stupidity as a person or situation that showcases a lack of common sense. I submit to you that common sense is overrated. And much worse than that, it’s common,” he said.

“Be stupid in love. Get your heart broken. Shoot way above your league. Say outrageously romantic things, propose after a week! Go big and then go home, probably alone, but do it,” he advised. “Every single day … do one stupid thing with your body. Just one. No matter how your body ends up looking. Those are just phases in your life affected by how lonely you are, what magazines you are reading, and whatever a Kardashian is doing. But, I’m saying, jump for no reason, dance badly, never underestimate the power of a pelvic thrust in a public place. Play with your body. Play with your body It will save your heart when you are losing your mind,” he said in addition.

“So before I leave you today, I say, be stupid. Just once, often. Unapologetically, and deliberately. What’s the worse thing that could happen? Somebody will call you stupid? Somebody will say your life a joke? I ‘m saying you should be that somebody. I’m saying you should own it. And on that day when your life flashes before your eyes, be it on your deathbed or just creepily every day on Instagram, you’ll be laughing. And laughter is courage,” he said in conclusion.

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By William Regal

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