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It isn’t a coincidence, perhaps, that the tragic passing of Puneeth Rajkumar harks back to a similar day in the year 2006 for the public memory. It was another day of massive despair for the people of Karnataka who woke up to the news of Dr. Rajkumar‘s demise and were then compelled to strive incredibly hard to catch a final glimpse of the matinee idol. For those who are aware of how things fared publicly back in 2006, in terms of the mania that got unleashed and the furor triggered on the streets of Bengaluru, the present day’s proceedings will seem eerily similar as they bid an emotional goodbye to the junior, Appu.

However, aside from the cultural and structural similarities of the aftermaths of both incidents (in terms of the massive police force that was deployed to the top officials at the forefront), another striking resemblance comes in how the two superstars, unfortunately, succumbed to the same condition of a cardiac arrest.

On a day not very different from this, Dr. Rajkumar is said to have returned home one morning from a quaint walk in the neighborhood and underwent his regular medical checkup at 11:30 a.m. About two hours later, a seemingly healthy Dr. Raj dropped down on a sofa and requested for the fan speed to be reduced but would collapse immediately, much to the shock of those around. His personal physician, Dr. Ramana Rao, was summoned soon after (within three minutes) and he performed a cardiac massage and later try to resuscitate his heart with a common CPR routine. Dr. Raj was rushed to the M.S. Ramaiah Memorial hospital where the efforts in resuscitation were employed in vain and he was pronounced dead at 2:05 pm on the 12th of April, 2006. He was 12 days short of his 77th birthday.

And about 15 odd years later, a certain unsolicited yet comparable event occurs in the same household and the results, once again, are very, very far from being good. Puneeth Rajkumar, an actor whose fitness enthusiasm has served as a prefix to his screen name, complained of chest pains and was later diagnosed with a cardiac arrest by his family doctor (through an ECG). He is rushed to Vikram Hospital sometime close to noon where a determined medical staff comprising an emergency specialist, an ICU specialist, and an internal cardiology team does everything in its capacity to pump his heart back to life. With each passing moment, their efforts seem less worthwhile, and painfully soon, they time his death as 2:30 pm on the 29th of October, 2021.

To add to this, both stars had volunteered for their eyes to be donated.

For those who cannot fathom the intensity that ensued amidst the public after the news broke out, they may not be particularly aware of the place that Puneeth Rajkumar held in the hearts of the people for decades together. Despite his small age, Puneeth had forged a bond from a very young age as a child artist who often, very endearingly, appeared next to his father in some of the latter’s biggest hits.
Appu, he was fondly referred to as, and that was to be the title of his bonafide debut in 2002 before he powered through into the hearts of the audience as a credible and highly bankable lead actor.

Through the years, Puneeth only moved from one strength to another, and although he had some staggering box office numbers to his name, he always stood out as the most approachable and affable of all. His ventures as a producer enunciate the idea he held as both filmmaker and patron as he backed many young and fresh voices financially through PRK Productions. His fans adored him, the industry spoke highly of him but Puneeth Rajkumar was often regarded as the kindest and humblest human who treated every individual with the same beaming face. Rest in peace, Powerstar.

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