Some Apple macOS Monterey users complain about connectivity issues with USB hubs

Several users who have updated their macOS to Monterey are complaining that USB devices including hubs and docks are not working after the upgrade. It is not officially confirmed by Apple if this issue is widespread or not, but a number of users have reported that the macOS Monterey is causing issues especially with USB 3.0 devices. Some users say that their hub’s HDMI and USB-C ports are working fine but for some users their USB hub is not functioning at all.
Users have already reported this issue on Apple’s own Developer forums since July when macOS Monterey was in its beta form. Now after being publicly available more users are discovering it. MacRumors reports that a user on the Developer forum wrote, “I can’t connect a trackball or keyboard via the hub’s USB 2.0 or 3.0 ports to the Air since installing Monterey the hub’s VGA port still works on Monterey; I haven’t been able to test the other ports yet. Also, a different hub (with fewer ports…) does work.”
The report adds that some users have complained that Apple support staff are asking them to use Apple-certified hubs to fix it, yet, this problem still continues to persist. Another user wrote that, “My Solution (recently found out) use a very short USB-C cable (e.g. 30cm)! For me, now everything is working… but that shouldn’t be a permanent solution.”
The report also says that the Thunderbolt docks are not impacted by this issue. Any specific trigger for this issue is not yet confirmed but, they are probably to the processor used in any specific hub or dock.

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