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Apart from his acting talent, Ranveer Singh is also loved for his style. It may be termed experimental and brave by many, however, it takes guts to make such fashion choices. However, his inimitable style is not something new, as Ranveer used to sport various looks even as a kid. In the upcoming episode of his TV show The Big Picture, the actor will reveal the secret behind his ‘mohawk’ hairstyle.

As readers would know, a picture of a young Ranveer Singh sporting the stylish haircut had gone viral a few years back. In the Diwali special weekend episode, the Gully Boy actor will make the huge revelation that the hairstyle was inspired by the famous WWE star Tatanka.

While interacting with a contestant, Ranveer will talk about his love for WWE and how he was a huge fan of Tatanka while growing up. Wanting to look like him, he got a similar hairdo. The audience present on the set could not help but smile at his innocent confession.

ranveer singh, akshay kumar Ranveer Singh, sporting his mohawk look, poses with Akshay Kumar in this throwback photo. (Photo: PR)

This weekend, Rohit Shetty and Katrina Kaif will also join Ranveer Singh to promote their film Sooryavanshi on The Big Picture. Ranveer will be seen in a cameo appearance in the Akshay Kumar starrer which is set to hit cinema halls on November 5.

In one of the promos released by Colors, Rohit starts a dance-off between Ranveer and Katrina. As the stars dance to “Tattad Tattad” and “Chikni Chameli”, Rohit wonders who is the better dancer of the two.

At the press launch of The Big Picture, Ranveer Singh answered indianexpress.com’s question on how he would paint his life’s ‘big picture’. The actor replied after a long pause, “Woah! I would want a lovely house where my wife, my kids and my family are around. They are playing around joyfully. Everyone is happy and healthy. I don’t know what else to ask other than that I am able to entertain till my last day. This is my life’s big picture.”

The Big Picture marked Ranveer’s debut on the small screen. The visual-based quiz show airs on weekends on Colors.

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