‘Nobody knows what they’re doing’: Kumail Nanjiani

At Grinnell College, actor Kumail Nanjiani spoke in his usual humorous way. “Nobody knows what they’re doing. Nobody does. Everyone’s winging it out there. Some people are just better at pretending to be confident. Because nobody, nobody’s done. Nobody’s cooked. People are constantly growing and evolving and changing. When I was a kid, I thought of my parents as these superheroes who knew everything, and that they were already the people they would always be. And as a grown-up, I realise they have the same struggles I do, that everybody does. They uprooted their lives and moved to America in their 50s, started over. In the last 10years, I’ve seen them change in ways I never thought possible,” he said.

“Populate your life with people different from you. Once you leave school, you get to choose the kinds of people you’re going to be around rather than just being forced to be around them. So I encourage you to seek out people, thoughts, and opinions different from yours. It keeps you empathetic, and it gets you out of your own echo chamber. Don’t disregard opposing viewpoints. Listen to them, absorb them, oppose them if you feel that they are wrong, but allow them to affect you,” he said in conclusion.

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By William Regal

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