meta: Facebook Oculus, Portal also renamed after Meta

Facebook has changed, it’s Meta now and so will some of its hardware in future. Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth announced via an official Facebook post that the company is rebranding its hardware along with the company’s name in order to bring more consistency and more transparency to consumers.
Bosworth has confirmed that they are phasing out the Oculus brand name and starting 2022, the Oculus products will be called Meta. So, the Oculus Quest will be called Meta Quest and the Oculus app will transform into Meta Quest app.
Apart from that, the company is also rebranding its smart display. The Facebook Portal will be rebranded as Meta Portal in the coming months as per the official post.
The company will also be rebranding the AR/VR organisation name from Facebook Reality Labs to Just Reality Labs. Bosworth mentioned that this move is “to better make the connection that our org is building the technology that will enable the future metaverse”.
company will also expand Meta Horizon as a new brand for first-party social experiences. The company already has Horizon Workrooms and Horizon Worlds and it will soon be expanded to future Oculus products rebranded to Horizon Home, Horizon Venues, Horizon Friends and Horizon Profile.
Also based on feedback from the VR community, the company will also be phasing out Facebook login methods from Quest. The company has confirmed to bring new ways to login into Quest.

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