Experts always stress on eating green leafy vegetables that are a powerhouse of numerous nutrients. But — like we have often said it before — healthy does not mean boring!

So to make your weekend special, why not give a leafy vegetable an interesting twist by making spinach chutney!

Nutritionist Priya shared a delicious recipe on Instagram, that is wholesome, easy to make and full of delectable flavours:

Here’s the recipe:


*1 cup – Spinach
*½ cup – Roasted chana dal or peanuts or coconut (dal and peanuts contain a good amount of protein)
*¼ cup – Mint
*4-6 – Cloves of garlic
*2 – Green chilies
*Salt to taste


*Step 1: Wash the spinach leaves well and steam them for a few minutes so that they don’t lose colour or texture. Let it cool or you can transfer the leaves to a bowl of ice-cold water.

Do not steam the mint leaves, they can be used raw.

*Step 2: Now add all ingredients together in a blending or a mixer jar. Run it smooth, keep adding little water to get the preferred consistency.

*Step 3: Prepare the tempering with a little oil, curry leaves and urad dal. Store in an airtight glass container and it will remain fresh to eat for 48 hours. Serve with your choice of dosas, cheelas, or just as an accompaniment with meals.

Your low-calorie, budget friendly, healthy and nutritious spinach chutney is ready in a jiffy. Enjoy this special recipe with your loved ones.

Bon Appétit!

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