Age of Empires IV: Age of Empires IV is available now with Xbox Game Pass for PC and Ultimate

Age of Empires IV has been made available with Xbox Game Pass for PC and Ultimate subscriptions. You can also purchase the game via the Microsoft Store and Steam for Windows PC.
If you wish to start out on Xbox Game Pass with this title, you can get the first 8 months of membership by paying Rs 489 and subscribing to the service via your Microsoft account, which should be more than enough to familiarise yourself with the new RTS. The offer is for new subscribers only and cannot be combined with any other offers, as per Microsoft. You will need Windows 10 (v1903) or higher and the Xbox app to play PC games via the Xbox Game Pass subscription.
Age of Empires IV: Where to begin from
If you purchase the game on any platform, you can then go to the “Learn” tab in the opening menu of AoE 4 and find the “Intro Tutorial” there which should teach you the basics of the game.
Next, comes the “Art of War” challenges, found in Single Player, which are designed to help you refine skills and earn medals.
There is the “Story Mode” from which you can access the four campaigns in the game. Then, there are Skirmish and Multiplayer modes to test your mettle against AI and other players.
Age of Empires IV: Special battle features
Age of Empires IV brings some changes to how you station, move and use your troops. You can put your archers on top of walls and place your units in stealth forests for ambush; your units will even whisper to evade discovery by your enemies. Also, you can move your entire civilisation across the map whilst playing as the Mongols and choose your landmarks to age up and gain additional bonuses.

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