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Diwali, the festival of lights, is a grand celebration. It is also a time when people decorate their homes, sometimes opting for complete refurbishment. While some go all out in terms of their home decor, others look for simple, minimalistic ways to revamp their space.

This Diwali season, if you are looking to change the way your home looks, Divyansh Sanklecha and Vipul Pirgal, founders of Curio Casa, have some tips for you. They say that gatherings or no gatherings, doing up your space is an experience like no other.

“With Diwali, there is room for so much experimentation. Your style could be OTT extravagant or understated chic, and you can bring that same personality to your festive decor. During festive seasons, minimalism can be a little trickier than to go all out.”

Play with structural elements, size, basic colours, they suggest.

“The attention has to be all on the main piece. This, you can do with abstract and unique pieces that stand out instantaneously. These one-of-a-kind pieces will draw in all the eyes which allows room to have everything else around to be kept to the minimum,” the experts say, adding that an “eccentric vase” would also have the same impact. It draws the right amount of attention without overpowering anything around. It is simple, chic.

The festival of lights would be nothing without some lights, so brightening up your space with the right amount of lights is also important. According to Sanklecha and Pirgal, candles in neutral hues of black, white or golds, or even the perfect mix of three, if available, would be apt for the festive season.

“This colour scheme is as neutral as it comes, but with a slight touch of gold, it adds to its charm in an elegant and timeless manner. These pieces, though perfect for Diwali, are also evergreen in their utility.”

Next, consider adding some flowers, once everything else is in place. “Flowers are your best friends during festive occasions. Pick your favourite hue of flowers, or go with a combination of flowers in the same colour group, and add them around your house. This combination manages to brighten up your space without taking over it,” they suggest.

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