There are several reasons why ARMY and BTS respect the septet’s leader RM. One reason is his ability to handle the younger members of the band without coming across as aggressive or brash. While members of the K-Pop band are known to joke around, RM lets them know when it’s time to get serious, especially during shows and concerts.

For instance, when J-Hope was earlier giving a speech on stage, Jungkook, V and Jimin were joking around and laughing. Despite RM giving them the glare at first, they still did not stop their antics. Soon, RM walked over to Jungkook and gave him a sharp tap on the back, and the three of them sobered down instantly. Under RM’s watchful eye, the team was careful about their behaviour on stage. ARMY praised RM’s ability to lead the younger members of the team, and probably it’s one of the reasons why all of them look up to him.

Although RM looks stern and intimidating at times, he also pushes his band members to get out of their comfort zones, going by the numerous video compilations. In one such video created by a fan, Jungkook keeps escaping from making speeches on stage, but at one point, RM managed to get him to address the fans. In another video, while Jimin is hesitant about talking in English, RM encourages him to talk in English and helps with the words.

Jungkook had once said, “RM is the starting point of the life that I lead today. He’s someone closest to me that I can learn a lot from. In addition to appearances and musicality, he also has a ‘sexy’ mindset. Rather than incorporate his style, I think I have found a certain potential within me while talking with RM, or seeing the way he thinks, acts, speaks or engages with music.”

Meanwhile, BTS continues to soar. The band recently snagged four nominations in three categories at People’s Choice Awards 2021.

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