Amazon Diwali sale: GPS trackers with anti-theft feature with up to 70% discount

Having a GPS tracker installed on your vehicle allows you to keep a check on its location. It also minimises the risk of break-ins and thefts. Smart GPS trackers come with dedicated apps which makes them easier to program. As Amazon’s annual Diwali sale has entered its last phase, the platform is offering huge discounts on products across various categories. So, if you have been planning to buy a GPS tracker with anti-theft alert feature, here are a few options that you can consider.
SeTrack GPS Tracker Waterproof Device: Available at Rs 1,599 (original price Rs 2,999)
SeTrack GPS tracker allows you to see your vehicle’s real time movement on your smartphone through a dedicated application. It shows you daily statistics such as total distance, run time, idle time, maximum speed and others. In case of theft, it sends an alert on your phone.
Onelap Micro Plus: Available at Rs 3,490 (original price Rs 6,990)
Onelap Micro Plus GPS tracker is compatible with all types of vehicles. It gets a dedicated app for iOS and Android smartphones and it comes bundled with a SIM card with unlimited data validity of 12 months. It sends a notification on your smartphone if someone tries to break into your vehicle.
CarX Waterproof GPS Tracker: Available at Rs 1,999 (original price Rs 6,000)
CarX Waterproof GPS tracker shows you real-time location of your vehicle with 10 seconds update rate. It can store up to 3 years of trip history data. It gets a 170mAh In-built battery and the theft alarm notifies you when someone tries to steal your vehicle.
Tegnotech V5 GPS Tracker: Available at Rs 2,849 (original price Rs 7,999)
Tegnotech V5 GPS tracker not only alarms you when someone tries to break in your car but it also sends a notification in case of device tampering/ disconnection or if someone pulls the main battery from the vehicle. It also allows you to set geo-fences and over speed limits.
Ajjas Hidden GPS Tracker: Available at Rs 1,799 (original price Rs 5,999)
Ajjas GPS tracker notifies you every time the engine of the vehicle is switched on. It comes with in-built SIM and that initiates a call to 3 emergency contact numbers if the vehicle meets with an accident. It also has a stationary fall alert.

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