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You must be familiar with the concept of botox, which is usually used as a facial injection in small doses to relax the muscles and prevent lines and wrinkles. But what is preventive botox? A concept that is quickly picking up, it entails botox injection administration by a trained physician, even before fine lines have appeared.

Dr Madhu Chopra, cosmetologist and managing director at Studio Aesthetique, tells that the best time to start this process would be as soon as faint lines start appearing on the face, especially around the eyes. “These lines start appearing usually around the age of 25, especially for those who have extremely expressive faces or are working in high pressure jobs,” she says, adding that some dermatologists believe that preventative botox, when given early, can stop wrinkles from appearing altogether.

“When you start at an early age, there are less lines and wrinkles to work with as compared to when you start at an older age. Additionally, less botox is needed to provide a satisfactory outcome.

“Most wrinkles are caused by repetitive movements of the same muscle. Botox limits those expressions from becoming potential lines and wrinkles. It is a nerve blocker that relaxes the muscles under the skin, by reducing the repetitive movements of certain groups of muscles,” Dr Chopra explains.

How is it done?

According to the doctor, administering botox is a fairly simple procedure with a slim chance of complications if done by a trained and experienced doctor.

“Preventative botox certainly has its advantages, but I must warn that it does not stop ageing, or wrinkle formation. The only comfort is that you don’t see signs of ageing. It is a good start if you don’t like to see a tired lined face every day,” she concludes.

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