samsung: Samsung Galaxy S21FE support page goes live in select regions

Samsung Galaxy S21FE is among one of the most anticipated smartphones from Samsung. The smartphone has already managed to create a buzz in the smartphone market for both right and wrong reasons. The smartphone is once again making the headlines for its speculated release date. According to a report, the support page of the phone has gone live in select markets which suggest that the company might launch the smartphone soon.
However, the official release details are still a mystery and the company has not revealed anything about the budget-friendly Galaxy S21 smartphone.
The support page to does not reveal much about the smartphone except the model number SM-G990B.
But, the support page going live does not suggest the imminent launch of the smartphone. Samsung has already deleted the support page of the smartphone once and it could happen again unless Samsung has finally decided to launch the smartphone in the market.
Right now, the rumours suggest January 22 launch for the phone, but it is still speculation and not a confirmed date.
What we know so far about the phone is that it is going to feature a similar design as the other Galaxy S21 series phones along with a bigger display and battery. The smartphone is also likely to come with the same processor as the Galaxy S21 series phones depending upon the region.

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