Hridayam song Darshana: Pranav reminds us of young Mohanlal in this campus romance

The first song from the upcoming Malayalam movie Hridayam is winning the hearts of the listeners. Titled Darshana, the song revolves around a blooming romance between characters played by Pranav and Darshana Rajendran.

Besides composing, music director Hesham Abdul Wahab has also sung the song with Darshana. The song is written by Arun Alat.

The song also gives us a glimpse of the main narrative. The song opens with Pranav’s Arun taking a beating by his fellow college mate, who also likes Darshana (played by Darshana Rajendran). He tells his rival that he can beat him up all he wants but “Darshana is mine. And there is nothing you could do to change that.” Arun, clearly a no-nonsense guy, is far from old-school romantic heroes, who would take an awful lot of time to profess their feelings. Arun makes no bones about his love for Darshana and also asks us to make a quick decision without making him wait for it long.

We know that Darshana is also crazy about Arun, so it is not a movie about unrequited love. So what is the challenge in their relationship? We have to wait and watch.

Also, Pranav in his performance reminds us of young Mohanlal.

Written and directed by Vineeth Sreenivasan, the film will release in cinemas in January. The film also stars Kalyani Priyadarshan.

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