Badshah has released a new single called “Jugnu.” The track also features the voice of Nikhita Gandhi. Akanksha Sharma plays the singer’s love interest in the music video.

The video has cool-looking effects, but the lyrics are as basic as they come. Badshah tries to walk the hard line of singing and rapping, and he sometimes succeed, and sometimes doesn’t.

Ahead of the release, Badshah had shared a post on his new song, thanking his collaborators, which included Shah Rukh Khan’s company Red Chillies.

His post read, “It started with a thought. Why not? They ask me how i feel about going out of my comfort zone. I feel there IS no comfort zone for a creative individual. Everything out there is worth exploring, worth trying, worth a failure, if at all there is. I swear i mean it when i say jugnu wouldnt have been possible without the following people. My team at @universalmusicindia who believed in it since day 1. Unquestioned faith in the vision. @nikhitagandhiofficial who can make any song sound amazing. Probably one of the best vocalists we have right now. @ihitenmusic who is a music genius. A geek and the future of indian music. @akanksharmaa – the jugnu girl. The day @castingchhabra sir found her for jugnu, we could not imagine anyone else. Such a hard worker! @ruelhiphop and his whole crew! Anything i write here wouldn’t do justice to what he has done for jugnu. He has made me dance, he has made the video go to the next level. This post would be incomplete without mentioning the dancers who have poured their heart out. We shot this video at altitudes that can make people lose consciousness. But they killed it. The whole unit was sufferring from altitude sickness and lack of oxygen. But, but, but we got the shots. Yet again @b2getherpros show you why they are such geniuses behind camera. Jagjeet dhanoa, for editing and giving it the feel that we could only imagine in our minds, and just being there 24×7. I dont have words to thank @redchillies.vfx the most amazing bunch of people that ive had the pleasure to work with. I swear i dont have words. There were no days and nights for this video. Rukhsar, saumen sir and everybody else at redchillies. Thank you so much for putting the imagination on screens and exceeding everyone’s expectations and setting new and hard to beat benchmarks. Thank you to mohit paaji at blacklisted vfx and amit ji. Last but not the least @adityadevmusic for making it sound better than anything in the whole world.”

So far, the music video of “Jugnu” has crossed 600K views.

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