jio: What is Pragati OS that will power Reliance JioPhone Next

Reliance Jio is gearing up to launch its affordable smartphone– JioPhone Next– ahead of Diwali. The telco has partnered with Google to launch this smartphone and has announced that the JioPhone Next will be powered by Pragati OS. Now, Pragati OS is just the name of the software and it will essentially be based on the Android operating system.
What is Pragati OS
It’s already known that Reliance Jio is looking at leveraging the Android Go ecosystem for the JioPhone Next. The new name– Pragati OS– is likely to be a software skin on top of Android Go operating system. For those unaware, Android Go is a stripped down version of Android that is meant to support low-end phones with limited hardware capabilities.
The JioPhonext Next is expected to be powered by the Qualcomm 215 platform. This platform has been built for smartphones having less than 2GB RAM and 32GB of internal storage.
Talking about Pragati OS, Reliance Jio has confirmed that there will be a voice assistant similar to Google Assistant along with features like ‘Read Aloud’ that can help in reading out the on screen contents and a Translate feature. Also, there will be support for Google apps and timely software updates.
What can you expect from Pragati OS
The Reliance JioPhone Next is set to offer a very basic Android phone experience. While Reliance Jio is naming the software as Pragati OS, the experience will be very similar to using an Android Go smartphone.
Reliance JioPhone Next will get access to Google’s services (like Gmail, Maps, Drive, etc), software updates, Google Assistant among others.
JioPhone Next users will be able to download apps from Google Play store. However, access to certain apps may not be there. Due to hardware limitations, users may not be able to download some popular games, etc. The apps that are compatible with hardware features of the phone can be downloaded only. JioPhone Next will offer Google Assistant voice support. Using App Actions, users can utilise Google Assistant with Jio apps on this device to know latest cricket scores or a weather update, users can also ask Google Assistant to play music on JioSaavn or check their balance on My Jio.
Of course, users will get access to Google services, 4G internet connectivity, YouTube, Maps, music, Facebook, WhatsApp, a doable camera and other benefits of owning a smartphone. But when it comes to making Zoom calls, attending online classes, accessing educational apps or taking online tests, there’s little hope you can do much with this phone.

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