Brands on removing Kim Seon Ho from advertisements amid controversy, says ‘he handled the crisis with zero professionalism’

South Korean actor Kim Seon Ho aka the dimple prince kept hitting headlines for all the wrong reasons ever since he was embroiled in a controversy involving his pasting dating life.

Amid the sea of accusations and speculations, the ‘Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha’ actor was removed from multiple projects, including films, a show and even commercial promotions/advertisements. While Kim Seon Ho has apologised for ‘inconsiderate actions’ and accepted allegations against him only a few days after the controversy surfaced on the internet, however, it didn’t fix everything as several brands removed the actor from their campaigns.

To this, fans slammed the advertisers for ‘acting hastily when nothing has been confirmed’. Clarifying their decision, a brand representative from one of the labels revealed that no promotions were taken down solely due to the controversial revelation.

Blaming the actor’s ‘professionalism and ‘maturity’, the unnamed told Sports Chosun, “When the scandal broke, we tried to get in touch with him or his agency the whole day. We needed answers but it had been impossible to get a hold of him. We don’t understand why he decided to ghost us, too. He should have explained the situation and let us handle it with him. Only had he been up front, we wouldn’t have had to cut ties with him.”

Calling Kim Seo Ho ‘unreliable’, another representative from the different brand added, “Fame comes with additional responsibilities. Having more endorsements means having more terms and conditions to live by… And after seeing how little he cared for his responsibilities as a model binded by contract with us, we realized it woud be impossible to continue working with him.”

“Kim Seon Ho’s reputation isn’t as important as his reliability. We need to be able to trust him as our model. But because he handled the crisis with zero professionalism and maturity, we have no choice but to reconsider our contract. We foresee that it will be difficult for him to rebuild the trust with other brands as well” added the source to the Korean outlet.

According to business insiders, losing out on endorsements has reportedly affected Kim Seo Ho’s brand value. However, no one of these brands has officially terminated him yet, as per the latest developments.

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