Dhanashree Verma Chahal has become a social media sensation with her energetic dance moves and her posts with cricketer-husband Yuzvendra Chahal. The doctor-choreographer has charmed her way into everyone’s hearts with her enchanting smile and chirpy presence at the stadium, where we often see her enthusiastically cheering for Chahal and Team India.

In an exclusive conversation with indianexpress.com, Dhanashree opened about her fitness, lifestyle, equation with Chahal, cricket and her first Karwa Chauth celebration.

How do you maintain your fitness and health, especially during the pandemic?

Fitness has always been a part of my lifestyle. I like to maintain a balance and follow a healthy lifestyle. For me, it is not just about going to the gym or working out when you feel like you have gained weight. Even if you are fit, it has to be done on a daily basis because it is a part of the lifestyle, not something that comes and goes as a phase. In terms of food, I understand the importance of breakfast and always look for options that are flavourful and versatile.

Your Instagram account reflects your diverse persona and chic style. How would you define your content?

Yes, my Instagram profile can come across as versatile, chirpy, and energetic. The way I can describe my content and style is about always keeping it simple and not trying to overdo things. Your personality should reflect how you are in real life. There shouldn’t be any moment where you are trying to be someone else and do something outside of your comfort zone. Although, experimenting and exploring new things is good but at the same time, don’t lose out on your personality. So, my Instagram profile is nothing how I am in real life (smiles).

We’ve seen Yuzvendra Chahal shaking legs with you. How have you influenced him towards the same?

Well, I believe Yuzvendra has always been inclined towards dancing and he enjoys it a lot. I won’t deny the fact that my presence in his life has inspired him and given him the confidence to dance a little more.

Is dance also a way for relaxation for him, given his sport comes with immense pressure and stress?

I feel quite the opposite. He seems to be more relaxed and stress-free when he is playing rather than dancing.

Have you always been interested in cricket, or have you developed a taste after meeting your husband?

I love cricket and as a matter of fact, I have always been into sports. During my school days, I used to play basketball and was the sports school captain due to which I ended up playing a lot of sports.

We frequently see you cheering for the team from the stands. How is the experience for you?

I have always enjoyed watching cricket and of course, I will cheer for my partner and for the team he plays. When you follow any sport closely and have knowledge about it, you would want to support your team and your country. The whole experience for me has been extremely thrilling and exciting. Naturally, there is a lot of stress also when you see one of your own people playing on the field. So, there is that added pressure but overall, it’s fun.

You are celebrating your first Karwa Chauth this year. Have you planned anything special?

Karwa Chauth is a sacred day for many families. The festival has always fascinated me as it celebrates the marital bond and timeless promise. For my first Karwa Chauth, I planned everything in advance, right from my ethnic attire to my morning sargi. I wanted it to be a truly special and memorable experience for Yuzvendra and me. Keeping this in mind, I took some time out for my family and visited my in-laws to celebrate the festival together. For my sargi, I knew it had to be special and full of nutrition to keep me going. Hence, I prepared my favourite Quaker Oats Kheer recipe. Not only was the preparation scrumptious and flavourful, but also gave me lasting energy. The overall experience was new but totally exciting and filled with love and happiness.

Do you see the Karwa Chauth fasting ritual as a way of detox for you?

When it comes to keeping a fast on Karwa Chauth, I personally don’t see it as a way to detox. One of the major reasons is the field that I work in. It demands me to be on my feet for long hours. To keep going, one needs to have water, fruits and nutritious fruits. While I don’t see Karwa Chauth as a hack to detox, but the whole point of the family coming together to celebrate the festival is what I enjoy the most. So, celebrating the festival together with my family and hoping for good things to happen in the future is what Karwa Chauth stands for me.

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