PM Modi in Agra: Prime Minsiter to launch affordable scheme, might speak on demonetisation

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address a gathering in Agra on Sunday afternoon, kickstarting the BJP’s election campaign in the region for the upcoming elections. PM Modi will also launch a housing scheme for rural poor called Pradhanmantri Grameen Awas Yojana. The scheme aims at providing affordable housing by 2022 to those living below poverty line. He will distribute the allotment letters to 50 beneficiaries of the scheme.

The Prime Minister is also expected to speak on the demonetisation policy of the government, which caused furore inside the parliament. PM Modi first addressed the issue in his speech to the Indian diaspora living in Japan. The ongoing wister session of Parliament saw repeated disruptions over the issue and Opposition parties have been unrelenting in their demand that PM Modi must participate in the House debate.

Congress on Sunday alleged that its demonetisation of high value currency has caused utter misery to the common man and left them in a helpless state. “It is a fact that in the guise of demonetisation, Mr. Modi has put up the common man in utter misery and helpless situation. It is a fact and everybody can see this fact with bare naked eyes,” Congress leader Rizwan Arshad told ANI.

“Today the situation is not about people standing in queue, the situation is not about people who cannot afford to pay for their medicines, it is not about those people who cannot afford to get things operated in emergencies and it is not about farmers who are unable to carry on with their agriculture activities. It is about the whole economic activity in this country coming to a standstill and undergoing a loss of lakhs of rupees,” he said.

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