IS militant hiding in migrant camp to enter UK, claims report

An Islamic State (ISIS) militant is reportedly hiding in a migrant camp in the French port town of Calais waiting to cross the English Channel into Britain to commit terrorist attacks. According to a local French media report, French police were told to locate and arrest the man who left Syria in August and is on a French terror suspect watch list known as “fiche S”.

“His intention is to reach Britain to commit terrorist attacks,” regional French newspaper ‘La Voix du Nord’ reported. Police in northern France believe the man is living among some 3,500 migrants in a makeshift camp known as the “Jungle”, which the French government has announced will become an official refugee camp with 1,500 places early next year.

According to ‘La Voix du Nord’, police are under orders to “proceed with his arrest”. A local police source declined to confirm the report but told the ‘Telegraph’: “Who can guarantee that among the thousands of Syrians arriving in Europe are not some jihadists?”

Meanwhile, British border guards are on high alert for illegal immigrants using stolen and forged Syrian passports to pose as genuine refugees. Frontex, the European Union border agency, has passed intelligence to Britain and other member states warning of a growing black market in Syrian travel documents.

Almost 4,000 blank Syrian passports were reported stolen in 2014 and many are thought to have fallen into the hands of criminal gangs who sell them for up to 4,000 pounds each. ‘The Times’ newspaper quoted sources as saying that Iraqis, Palestinians, Albanians and Pakistanis had been detected posing as Syrians and carrying bogus papers over the past few months.

By William Regal

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